Choose from 1 x single consult or a 3 session package: 

Session 1 : Clarity 

Coaching session via zoom (1hr approx)

• What do you want?

• What's holding you back?

• Clear the weeds and create new seeds for success and happiness

• 7 day post-session email/call to discuss progress, challenges and wins

• Schedule session 2 (if required)

Session 2 : Digging deeper 

Hypnotherapy session via zoom (90mins approx)
• You will be guided into a deeply relaxed state 

• Dialogue directly with the sub-conscious mind to unravel the root cause

• Replace old habitual ways of acting and thinking with new, positive ones that serve you better

• Receive a bespoke 21 day Rapid Transformational Therapy recording to listen to each night to solidify new beliefs and create permanent change from within

• 7 day post-session email/call to discuss progress, challenges and wins

• 21 day post-session email/call to discuss progress, challenges and wins

• Schedule session 3 (if required)

Find out more about Rapid Transformational Therapy here

Session 3 : Growing your mind-garden

Coaching session via zoom (1hr approx)

Your mind is like a garden, the more you nourish and tend to it, the more it will grow and flourish over time. By now, you would have put in the hard yards to improve and evolve yourself, so kudos to you my friend. In these sessions, you will 'top-up' what you already know with these life changing life hacks to keep you grounded, focused and on the right track towards your hopes, dreams and desires:

• Learn how to calm the mind and body in less than 2 minutes

• Develop and maintain new positive daily habits for success 

• Silence the inner critic and become a fierce, strong, confident, powerful creator

• Learn self hypnosis/meditation for creativity, abundance and inner healing

• Learn how to foster a beautiful, kind, loving relationship with yourself

• Discover and nurture your unique child-like (not childish) gifts and qualities from the core of your being

• 21 day post-session email/call to discuss progress, challenges and wins

• Schedule further session/s (if required)

Right now is the time to take back control of your life and feel more calm, confident, motivated and excited about your magnificent future. If you're ready to heal and evolve, then let's team up and do the work together.

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Your hypno/coach

With a background in the creative arts and education industry, Deb is able to guide you on your own personal journey to freedom, creativity, self love, passion and purpose. She provides a safe, caring, non-judgemental space for you to heal, grow and flourish into the uniquely divine individual that you were put on this earth to be. 

'Being able to help solve just one issue with my clients often results in them experiencing multiple breakthroughs in many other areas of their lives including improved relationships, creative flow, physical and emotional wellbeing, financial abundance and overall happiness.'


Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTTP)
Cert.Med.Holistic.Counselling (IMTTA)
Meditation Teacher

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What clients say

" I actually experienced results, with my confidence literally soaring. "
Helping artists and creatives who feel stressed, overwhelmed and unmotivated, find what's holding you back and create a life of confidence, passion and purpose. Results in 1–3 sessions.