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Are you struggling with negative looping thoughts and bad habits? Is it stopping you from living the life you want? If you've tried to change but nothing has worked so far, chances are the real problem lies deep within the subconscious mind. Let's find it, heal it and solve it for good so you can break free from what's been holding you back and live the life of your dreams. Never, ever give up.

Holistic Counselling

60min (approx) phone or online consult

Like a garden, the more you nourish and tend to your mind, body and spirit, the more it will grow and flourish over time. By now, you would have put in the hard yards to improve and evolve yourself already, so kudos to you my friend. These individually customised coaching sessions will help you 'top-up' what you already know and develop new life-long skills and techniques to help keep you grounded, focused and aligned with your hopes, dreams and desires. A typical session may include:

• Breathing techniques to calm the nervous system.

• Developing and maintaining new positive daily habits for success. 

• Calming the inner critic to become a fierce, strong, confident, powerful creator.

• Learning self hypnosis and meditation for positivity, confidence, creativity, abundance and inner healing.

• Fostering a beautiful, kind, loving relationship with yourself.

• Discovering and nurturing your own unique gifts and talents from the very core of your being.

• 7 day post-session email follow up to discuss progress, challenges and wins.

• Schedule next session if required. 

Eden Grace Hypnotherapy
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