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Client Testimonials

Image by Razvan Narcis Ticu

Deborah is an experienced and compassionate therapist. If you want to have a fast and dramatic change in your life, then Deborah is the right therapist for you.
Thank you so much Deb! 

Tatiana Z, Dubai

We worked on my issues with anxiety and since our session I have noticed so many incredible changes - my feelings of anxiety about the future have decreased exponentially and I feel so much more content in my daily life. Deb was extremely kind and understanding.
Thank you Deb!!

Lilli H, Sydney Australia


Image by Aditya Saxena
Image by Andreas Wagner

Deb is a highly skilled and caring therapist who quickly got to the root cause of my issue and totally transformed my confidence. I’m so thrilled at the change, it’s just amazing! Deb’s calming voice made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed, and she listened to all my concerns and understood exactly my issues and what to do to help me. I highly recommend Deb to anyone who wants to fix any issue.

Sarah B, Sydney Australia

It  was a big pleasure working with you. You did a beautiful job, and I could really see and feel what powers from the past are ruling me today. I am so charged to push through and gain back my control and confidence.

Monika G, Lithuania

Image by Thanuj Mathew

Hello Deborah, thank you so much for your work on our session and endless thanks for amazing transformation you have recorded. I can’t stop listening your voice and words you put in it.  From the bottom of my heart Thank you! Thank you!

Maria R, United Kingdom

My session with Deb was absolutely fantastic and delivered with such fluidity! I love the recording I was provided with afterward - very professional, seamless, floaty, soothing and supercharged with positivity. It’s very powerful hearing one's own name in there, too, as in, “Oh my God. She’s talking to me!” More than this, I actually experienced results, with my confidence literally soaring. Highly recommended.

Lana P, Sydney Australia

Image by Fuu J

The update on how I am doing is….drum roll…. I feel happy physically a lot lighter energetically and in mood, and I am always looking forward to the day rather than feeling heavy and dreading the day. I have increased my monthly income three fold.

Name witheld, United Kingdom

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