Are you suffering from chronic stress, fatigue and overwhelm? You're not alone. Now is the time to stop, breathe and reassess what you want, heal from old emotional baggage and reconnect with what lights you up in life. In just 1–3 sessions, you will feel more clear, calm, balanced and in control of your mind, body and spirit. 

One day or day One?

Do you feel stuck in limbo without knowing what to do or where to turn next? Help is here. Together, let's get to the root cause of the issue you are facing at the moment, change its meaning and transform it into something that serves you better. I want you to know that you are enough, you are worthy and you deserve a beautiful and prosperous life. Now is the time to heal, flourish and evolve into the next best magnificent version of you. 

First Consult - Clarity

Free – 20min phone consultation 

• We'll discuss the problem you're experiencing right now, how it affects you and what you want instead.

• Find out how rapid transformational therapy can help you make permanent, positive changes in your life.

• Learn an amazing breathing technique to help calm the nervous system.

• Schedule hypnotherapy session if required. No obligation.

Second Consult - Digging Deeper / Transformation

Hypnotherapy – 90min online consult to find the root cause of the issue

• During the session, you be guided into a deeply relaxed, calming state of mind. 

• Dialogue directly with the sub-conscious mind to unravel what's holding you back.

• Learn to transform old, habitual looping thoughts and behaviours into new, positive ones that serve you.

• Plant new seeds for success, happiness and abundance.

• 7 day post-session email follow up to discuss progress, challenges and wins.

• 21 day post-session email follow up to discuss progress, challenges and wins.

• Discuss future coaching session if required. No obligation.

Find out more about Rapid Transformational Therapy here

Third Consult - Maintaining your 'garden'

Holistic Counselling – 30min phone or online consult

Like a garden, the more you nourish and tend to your mind, body and spirit, the more it will grow and flourish over time. By now, you would have put in the hard yards to improve and evolve yourself already, so kudos to you my friend. These individually customised coaching sessions will help you 'top-up' what you already know and develop new life-long skills and techniques to keep you grounded, focused and aligned with your hopes, dreams and desires. A typical session may include:

• Developing and maintaining new positive daily habits for success. 

• Calming the inner critic and becoming a fierce, strong, confident, powerful creator.

• Learning self hypnosis and meditation for positivity, confidence, creativity, abundance and inner healing.

• Fostering a beautiful, kind, loving relationship with yourself.

• Discovering and nurturing your own unique gifts and talents from the very core of your being.

• 7 day post-session email follow up to discuss progress, challenges and wins.

• Schedule ongoing session if required. No obligation.

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With a background in tertiary education and the creative arts industry, Deb is able to guide you on your own personal journey to freedom, confidence, creativity, self love, passion and purpose. Deb provides a safe, caring, non-judgemental and inclusive space for you to heal, grow and flourish into the uniquely divine being that you were always meant to be. 

'Helping clients solve one issue in their lives often results in multiple breakthroughs in many other areas including improved relationships, careers, creative flow, physical and emotional wellbeing, financial abundance and overall happiness.'


Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTTP)
Cert.Med.Holistic.Counselling (IMTTA)

Holistic Life Coach / Chair Yoga Instructor / Meditation Teacher

WWC No: WWC1323804E

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What clients say

" I feel happy physically a lot lighter energetically and in mood."