Over the course of my life I have witnessed friends, family, colleagues and students suffer from anxiety and depression along with all the trimmings that go hand in hand with this all too common 'dis-ease' such as addiction, self sabotage and overall failure to thrive in life.


And then there was me and my own personal experience with the 'black dog' which began in my teens and into my 40's. But, deep down in the very core of my being, I knew that there was more to life than my current reality - something needed to change. So, I began to educate myself in matters of the mind and finally found the tools to heal my past and show up in the world as the best bright, shiny version of my-self.

Now, I have made it my mission - my passion to pass on my knowledge to help you. I’m here to remind you just how beautiful, resilient, confident, loved, worthy and unstoppable you really are.

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Deborah x

Deborah Moore

Cert.Med.Hol.Couns (IMTTA)

Licenced RTT Practitioner

Meditation Teacher

Holistic Counsellor

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